Sweating is a vital process for us humans that is crucial for our health. It is harmful to health to stop sweating completely.

Sweating cleans our body and keeps the skin supple.
It is estimated that sweat and steam baths were already an integral part of the bathing culture of the time in Asia more than 4,000 years ago. Simple tents were heated with hot stones. Greeks, Romans and Persians built veritable steam palaces equipped with highly complicated heating pipes. In addition to the relaxing effect, they also recognized the positive effect on the skin, respiratory tract and rheumatic complaints.

When sweating, the organism not only excretes water with sweat, but also toxins and metabolic waste products such as urea, amino and acetic acid, lactic acid, mineral salts and toxins through the pores that have penetrated through food, air and water. Horny cells detach. The exits of the sebaceous glands open, keratinized sebum softens, excess water in the connective tissue is excreted and the skin is deeply cleansed. If the sweat and sebum glands are not working properly, the skin becomes dry, tends to form flakes and loses elasticity. The skin is often referred to as the third kidney because of its great ability to excrete salts and waste products.